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Wild West Gold how to play

A machine based on the Wild West theme, Pragmatic Play decided to call Wild West Gold. They managed to perfectly convey the general atmosphere, and cowboys are prepared for any outcome, the main thing to take a huge winnings for themselves. The field for playing the machine is located in a dark alley right behind the tavern. The slot machine was launched in 2020 and the RTP was 96.51% with a high volatility rate. Experienced players are well aware of the fact that Pragmatic Play invests wholeheartedly in the development of its slots.

The developer will continue to surprise you with a lot of solutions, and this golden west slot machine is no exception. In terms of mechanics the game is similar to other games from the developer, but the nice design and beautiful animations will not leave you indifferent. There is a real 1_xbet atmosphere of the Wild West, a lot of shots, cool music and a lot of duels. Looking through any TOP of the best machines to play, in the top lines you will definitely see the name Wild West Gold. Often it is used by streamers with a large audience to broadcast their game in online casinos with great jackpot potential. The main advantage is the bonus feature that you can buy and enjoy a lot of gifts, it's better than waiting for it to randomly fall out for long hours.

The main advantage is the bonus feature that you can buy and enjoy a lot of gifts, it's better than waiting for it to randomly fall out.

Wild West Gold slot

Wild West Gold strategy and tactics

Gamblers who play BC gambling are well aware that there are many strategies. You can use them to increase your chances of winning, like Martingale. It works based on the principle of equal chances. Such a method should work like this: a player puts a certain amount of game 1xbet, and if the bet loses, it is doubled. If you earn odds of x2 or more, you are counted as a win. When you win, everything starts from the beginning, so the bet will have to be lowered gold west to the first value. The value of the bet amount depends on different factors. With a separate value of the number of coins and their denomination, they are multiplied by the number of lines you have activated. Here there is no possibility to simply increase the bet twice, because of which the Martingale tactic does not work in the best golden way.

There is another equally famous method that uses the technology of the golden ratio and is called Fibonacci. Here you will need to increase your bet each time you lose. It is increased twice from the last bet. According to this principle and should be played with this tactic. Luck will be counted when you get a win with odds of x2.6 or higher. After receiving the bet is returned one position lower and everything starts 1_xbet again. Sometimes this tactic is not suitable for use on certain machines due to the fact that the bet size can not be set in the exact value. Approximate bets are not suitable as they have a negative effect on the final result.

Another commonly used strategy is the Anti-Martingale scheme. It can be actively used in Wild West Gold Megaways and other machines from Pragmatic Play. Get winnings, while increasing the value of your bets, and losing even once - start Wild West Gold Megaways again. When playing with an active strategy Parlay should be determined with the goal that you are pursuing (the total amount of wins, for example). Here apply different sequences, playing with multipliers of 0.5x and 1x, which also should not be forgotten.This tactic gives you a good payoff for a long game. It will give you to apply a variety of bonuses, getting gifts of gold of the maximum size.

Wild West Gold strategy

There is another not unfamous strategy called the Pyramid. A famous mathematician from France decided to resort to the equilibrium theory, which requires you to raise your betas significantly so that they can reach the top of the pyramid. Now you need to gradually lower the value until it reaches the initial value. This strategy may not be suitable because of the inability to make equal steps between bets. The size of the bets directly depends on the value and the number of coins, because of which the step cannot be the same, so the tactic will not work in the right conditions.

Game Rules

While the training version doesn't need to apply real money, its downside is that if you beat the 1xbet games, you won't be able to earn finances. The sites contain a large catalog with entertainment, so that everyone who wants the golden west will find a suitable slot for him to play. This will help to understand whether it is suitable for further play, when the bets will be made already for money. In the assortment you will find a variety of emulators, but remember that you can always go to Wild West Gold Megaways. This is a modified version, in which there are winning lines in a much larger number. Before you start playing in the standard gold west mode, you should hone your skills as best as possible in the free Wild casino version.

Some users often use the following tactic. They start by practicing in the demo format to learn all the secrets and characteristics of the slot, and then move on to betting for money so that they can earn money. So you can check the compliance of the specified characteristics with the real ones to study the favorite 1_xbet tactics. Such machines are widespread, because customers choose the free format as a demo. To do this, you do not even need to register and authorize in your account, as well as replenish your wallet. Thus, the machines can be used exactly as you want. The assortment will please you with new machines that are launched right now. If you've made up your mind, register and fund your account to start playing.


Automatic mode allows players to relax as they watch the machine screen go through spin after spin in turbo mode without their input. All winnings are deposited into your account, and it happens much faster than you would personally take part. Activation of auto mode will give you a rest or step back to make tea, and the game at this time will continue. Maybe 1_xbet, the next time you come back to your computer, there will be millions in your account after activating this option! You can even get through it with the help of a video by finding it on the internet.

Wild West Gold autoplay mode

Main Symbols

The most expensive icon looks like a cowboy with a cigarette in his teeth. Next on the decrease comes the standard cowboy with his battle buddy. Here you will find even love priestesses, just try not to pay them, because they have sharp knives! Last in the list of expensive pictograms is a bag of gold coins. Standard signs are represented by suits of cards from 10 to ace. Free spins will be active when three Scatter signs fall out, resulting in the player gets 8 freespins. The bonus game has certain features, when the reels when the active bonus game is shown Wild signs, they stick to this place, staying on it until the golden west until it ends. Such money signs can only appear on the second, third and fourth reels of the game 1xbet slot game.

Remember that there is still an emblem represented in the form of a sheriff's star. Such signs will be shown when activating the free rounds. To start additional spins on your reel must be from two or more stars. The more they will be on the playing field, the more free spins you will earn. 2 stars give the player 4 extra spins, 3 stars - 8 spins, 4 stars - 12 spins and 5 stars that can add up to a maximum of 20 extra spins. If you've been longing to try and understand what the world of the Wild West is all about - congratulations, you've become a cowboy of the year, try to hit the jackpot in this slot to play.

Wild West Gold game rules

Payout Table

Number of characters 3 4 5
10, J, Q 50 1250 5000
K, A 750 1500 7500
Revolver 1250 2500 12500
Bag of Gold 1750 3750 18750
The Lady with the Knife 2500 6250 25000
The Lady with the Gun 3750 10000 37500
Cowboy 6250 18750 62500
Sheriff 7500 25000 100000

Bonus Rounds and Features

The slot will also surprise you with a lot of bonus features of 1xbet game, which strongly influence the pleasant experience of the game:

  • Wild: The substitute symbol that players encounter in the game is in the form of a sheriff icon. Wild symbols are tied to random multiplier values up to 5x. The values are activated as soon as jokers appear in a winning line. When you find another pair of Wild symbols on a winning line, the Wild multipliers are first multiplied 1_xbet each other before being applied to the winning lines.
  • Scatter: the gold mine is represented as the scatter symbol of the money game in the game.

Sticky Wilds

The bonus game has certain features, when Wild symbols appear on the reels with an active bonus game, they stick to that spot, staying there until it ends. Such Sticky Wild can only appear on the second, third and fourth reels of the golden west slot game reels. On the site 1xbet you can get a good bonus of 2000 rubles, and a working promo code will help you get popular incentives to earn. The most useful information is on the net, all you have to do is search hard.

Free Spins Rounds

The player is awarded 8 free spins if at least three scatters fall on the reels at the same time. All jokers dropped during this feature become sticky and are locked in their positions. With each spin, the jokers change size as the 1xbet reel changes in size. Gold star scatter symbols appear randomly during this 1xbet game feature. When they appear, they can overlap with both regular and special symbols. If two or more gold overlay symbols appear at the same time additional free spins are triggered. With two, three, four, five and six overlapping scatters, players repeatedly have the opportunity to trigger 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 free spins respectively.

Wild West Gold Free Spins Round

Useful tips for beginner players

Wild West Gold Megaways has some cool features. Take the same ante bet. With its support, players can significantly increase their 1_xbet bet amount. This will be followed by the possibility of activating additional bonus features. However, this is not a guarantee of activation of a bonus feature, it only increases the chances of its activation. To get the guarantee, customers must use the second game feature, which gives them to buy free spins. Just deposit x100 of your bet for activation, which goes on to activate the free spins feature on the next spin. Such innovative in-game features the game has garnered many rave reviews from active players. Being a continuation of the original release of the Wild West Gold slot, the use of Megaways mechanics makes this game an overall great game.