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Tata / 01.08.2023 / star icon5
There are tons of lines here that give you a pick up bonus on the barabarnes. For freespins payouts, you need to spot the Scatter that drops into the round. The provider has good volatility, and to play online Sheriff Cowboy and get cool rows of symbols, sign up with your phone or email. The number of free lines of Wild bonus symbols is high here.
Sam / 02.03.2023 / star icon5
There are many gamblers who like to bet, but they are not really good at it. Although it can be fun, but in some cases it can be simply stupid.)) Thanks to Wild West Gold, it is possible to make a huge amount of money. Despite the fact that not everyone wins good finances here, I personally get it, which I am very pleased with. The machine in general is wonderful, and not complicated, and stable.
Yermak / 02.05.2023 / star icon5
I've heard of fraudulent casinos, so I choose the right site wisely, looking at reviews and certificates. The license from Pragmatic Play already says a lot, and if it is, why not play. Every winnings are paid out in full, all that is left is to win it)))))) I played in different establishments, but personally I liked 1xbet, 1win and Wawada the most stable).
Denis / 03.04.2023 / star icon5
For all the time playing in the casino I won fabulous money, but like many here, lost not much less))) The main thing that I am well off, and do not need, and gambling serves as a certain entertainment. But still a good game is waiting for you to train and improve your skills. Do not forget to play in the demo and carefully check the sites on which you go.
Sanya / 03.07.2023 / star icon5
I have always tried to find a good slot to play Wild West Gold, so that I can go in and play so much until I just don't get tired)))) If you can win money during this - even better. And also my friends and acquaintances already come here, who have seen some of my winnings and also inspired. There is such an opportunity for you too, just go and overpower yourself!
Max / 05.06.2023 / star icon5
If I had known a year ago that I would be playing in a casino, I would never have believed it. But everything turned out just so, so I would like to recommend you a similar type of activity. Here in Wild West Gold has everything you need from a gambling club - cool story, interesting symbols and great graphics. In general, as for me, just super thing))) If I knew a year ago that I would play in the casino, no way would not have believed. But still everything turned out just so, so I would like to recommend you a similar type of activity. Here in Wild West Gold has everything you need from a gambling club - cool story, interesting symbols and great graphics. In general, as for me, just a super thing)))
Danila / 05.07.2023 / star icon5
I like the theme of the game itself, but you can really lose a lot here if you get too sucked in. You will get your first winnings soon enough, the main thing is that everything and continue in this vein, and not end on them)))))) Already even x100 if you catch, pay off oh so well from Pragmatic Play. I would probably advise everyone to try the game in the casino - what if you get lucky in the game?
Timon / 06.03.2023 / star icon5
I was dragged here by my acquaintances, who raised some exorbitant money here at that time. Personally, I was not able to earn about half a moolt a month)))) Started playing, and I want to note that here straight kayfovo, really what you need. Administration is maximally adequate, always looking for the best approach to users, and tech support is ready to help at any time of day.
Rita / 09.05.2023 / star icon5
Gambling casino Wild West shows all the good sides of a competent club. The administration here is adequate, I previously played in 1xbet, and what was going on there, you would know. Players here is really a lot, at the top of the current strip you can see one win, then another. I would recommend trying the demo mode so you can see if the combo rules that are in the machine are suitable for you. It also helps to check if certain tactics and combinations are possible.
Boris / 10.04.2023 / star icon5
I loved this slot a couple of years ago, not right after it came out, I didn't know about it then. Wild Gold animations here are beautiful, as well as the graphic design itself. If there are any flaws, they are corrected quite quickly. Despite any flaws, with such a professional approach from Pragmatic Play, I will still play here without going anywhere else. Play according to how you feel, that's important too.
Ilya / 12.03.2023 / star icon5
The first of your skids in Wild Gold you will get soon enough, but you do not need to relax, the machine is just waiting for it. There is also a version of Megaways, which slightly changes the principle of the game. The theme of the Wild West although common, but I'm still glad that there are such machines, where it will live for a long time. Good luck in the game Wild)))
Theodore / 12.05.2023 / star icon5
What I liked about Wawada is the huge gaming range, you can really find anything you like in it. Each slot is tested for license, where its real characteristics are compared with the presented. The good thing about wild west gold is that the RTP is so high, not all slots can boast such a high RTP. It is better still to be on the lookout and do not relax, so that you do not get cheated.
Nikifor / 15.04.2023 / star icon5
I always before registering on a new Wild West Gold for myself project carefully familiarize myself with the reviews of former players and casino rating in general. Remember about promotions and promo codes, they will help you to make an initial bankroll. Here I have not been cheated yet, and in principle I have not heard of such cases, so I hope it will not happen to me.
Gevorg / 15.06.2023 / star icon5
I've been playing at Wild Gold online casino for years now, and have changed projects like gloves in my time. I'm quite selective, but it doesn't take much to please me. As I think it is best to pay attention to play that you are interested in and have a high RTP. Graphics in Wild West Gold interesting, and cool features, from the minuses it is worth noting only the maximum jackpot - x1000.
Marat / 17.03.2023 / star icon5
This establishment has a large number of pluses, and the main one is the Wild West Gold machine. It has a large percentage of withdrawal, a variety of bonus incentives and just a cool picture. Yes mode autoprolling although not new, but for some reason it is not in all machines are not found, which is quite sad. I think that if you hope for something and strive for it, sooner or later you will be lucky.
Dmitry / 17.05.2023 / star icon5
I praise clubs very rarely, it should really deserve it. Gold of the Wild West is quite a modern Wild emulator, which is ready to please you with a cool bonus, which often updates the number of free spins available to players. It is better to play as long as possible and to understand the overall picture. There are quick withdrawal instant promotional offers here that will give you a boost to your bankroll level. Free lines that give a bonus, there are tons of them here.
Rinat / 20.03.2023 / star icon5
Over the last few months I have managed to withdraw over half a million here. For someone will seem like a lot of money, but I'm used to it, because over the years of my game Wild West Gold in gambling establishments you would know how much I managed to lose))) Such an occupation can easily replace the main job, because the income brings clearly not small. Just try not to get carried away, it is fraught with getting problems on your head)))
Damir / 20.04.2023 / star icon5
If you're itching to play anywhere, it's best to choose the Wawada or 1win site. These are established Wild Gold brands that won't cheat their players, demonstrating a high level of quality year after year. There are cool graphics in the wild west gold, but it is clearly not enough to play Wild in it just because of this) As for me - the playing field of the machine on the amateur, not more.
Yura / 20.06.2023 / star icon5
I have long been in the topic of gambling casino and know the pros and cons of slots. At first, like everyone else I was very worried and familiarized myself with new emulators, but now I'm almost a professional))) Registration from Pragmatic Play is available in seconds, you just need to enter a couple of lines about yourself, replenishment of balance and verification Wild West Gold also works perfectly.
Oleg / 20.08.2023 / star icon5
And I liked the machine, it is clear, thematic and cool looking. There are also pluses in the form of bonus options, because you will not find such a thing yet. You do not need to memorize a bunch of different stuff and do not understand where to click, it's easy here - made a bet, start scrolling Wild West Gold began to play. Lucky - cool, withdraw the money, not lucky - start again)))
Charlotte / 22.05.2023 / star icon5
I at some point just quit my job and while I was looking at the spheres I got a casino ad. Unnoticeably, I got sucked in by Pragmatic Play, and now I don't need this job, I manage to earn about 300k+ a month here, sometimes more, sometimes less. But it's anyhow better than a job where you have to get up every morning and go to the hated office.
Vol. / 25.04.2023 / star icon5
I like the fact that I can consistently come here to spend my finances, but sometimes I even manage to win and come out in the plus. Such entertainment is not serious for me, but thanks to the fact that it gives me relaxation, a wild bark at it. Before this I have not noticed gambling hobbies, but in life there are all sorts of things that here and so it happens. Probably quite can recommend it for everyone))))
Chalk / 25.05.2023 / star icon5
Remember that not everyone can win in gambling casinos. After all, in the plus always remains only the administration, if you are not ready to lose money, you better here and do not get in. Even experienced players can be such that begins a black streak, but that does not mean that now you need to adjust to the fact that it will always be like this. Wild Gold is an interesting machine, on which you can clearly win and earn.
Victor / 25.06.2023 / star icon5
I've always wondered how you can not control yourself when it comes to gambling leisure, but it so happens that I personally faced it from Pragmatic Play. I had a couple of acquaintances who had this problem to treatment in special institutions. So keep yourself Wild, and do not give in to unnecessary temptation and risk. It is clearly not worth it, you have earned a certain amount of money - enough, do not overdo it.
Danya / 26.03.2023 / star icon5
Demo you will need to independently view the selected application and test different tactics. If you choose one for yourself and practice, sooner or later you will be lucky Wild Gold you will take a good score. The assortment of any online casino contains a certain number of machines, which you should understand and choose something suitable for the game.
Theodore / 27.04.2023 / star icon5
Gambling establishment though can sometimes give you winnings, but RTP is arranged in such a way that on a long distance a few people are lucky with the jackpot, and ten others are not. So if you want to be in the first group and not in the second, develop, play Wild demo mode and study the slot, you can't go anywhere without it if you are here mainly for the winnings.